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Juice machine into the industry growth highlights the future or sustained growth

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Juice machine into the industry growth highlights the future or sustained growth

Date:2015-06-27 00:00 Source:http://www.cjevga.tw Click:

      Juice machine motor development and the downstream air-conditioning industry to maintain a relative linkage, 2013 cold year household air conditioning sales have been warmer, air conditioning motor industry sales have gradually recovered. 2013 cold years, the domestic air conditioner motor total sales of 253828000 units, an increase of 7.02%. One of the 194590000 units sold, an increase of 4.91%; export volume of 59238000 units, an increase of 14.58%. Overall, the next two years, the overall growth rate of the motor industry will have slowed down, with the continuous upgrading of the structure of the air conditioning product, the proportion of Brushless DC motor will continue to rise.

      Juice machine motor market is mainly affected by the domestic market demand, although the macroeconomic situation has not been completely improved, but by energy subsidies to exit the stimulus, 2013 cold years of hot and real estate sales continue to improve the impact of air conditioning motor sales appear to improve. On the export side, air conditioning motor in the 2013 year of the cold year also has a significant growth. Throughout the year, the main export countries in the air conditioning motor Japan, the United States and other demand growth.

      Air conditioning industry in the development of the plan clearly requires 2015, inverter air conditioner energy efficiency levels increased by 20% in 2010, compared with 2020 to 2015 and then increased by 20%. National Information Center released data show that 2013 years of cold domestic market inverter air conditioner sales grew by 10.37%, of which the inverter air conditioner sales accounted for more than 51% of the overall air conditioner. Frequency inverter air conditioner has also led to the rapid popularization of air conditioning motor industry upgrading and technology upgrading, coupled with brushless DC motor in the inverter air conditioner in the continuous improvement, the two years of air-conditioning in the domestic sales will remain high level. 2013 cold years, the air conditioner brushless DC motor total sales of 32011000 units, an increase of 66.5%. Although the overall market demand for domestic air conditioner is slowing, however, due to the continuous improvement of the level of air conditioning energy efficiency, especially in June last year, the state launched a new energy subsidies, many air conditioning manufacturers to further upgrade the frequency of more than 2 energy efficiency inverter air conditioner sales ratio. This year, the domestic air conditioner DC motor growth is strong, the market share of further expansion, the domestic market in the proportion of DC motor and AC motor is about 83.5 to 16.5.


  Due to the rapid release of the domestic market demand, for many years to maintain the stability of the internal and external market pattern is also changing. Domestic sales accounted for more than 63% of the proportion of exports fell. 2013 cold year brushless DC motor total export volume of 18497000 units, an increase of 2012 over the same period 20.02%. For the domestic market, the DC motor export market growth remained at a relatively stable speed. The main reason is that the demand for overseas DC motor is mainly concentrated in Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries and regions, and the market demand for basic saturation. And less developed areas of the low level of air conditioning, in the short term, the demand for DC motor is difficult to appear substantial growth. In addition, the growth in demand in Europe and the United States is relatively stable and slow.


      2013 cold years, with the state of energy efficient air-conditioning products to actively promote, inverter air conditioner energy efficiency levels continue to improve, so that the size of the DC motor in the domestic sales of 30000000 units, the size and growth rate are hit a new high. In October 2013 the state officially increased the frequency of the inverter air conditioner energy efficiency rating, the implementation of the new standard will speed up the DC motor in the inverter market penetration, is expected in 2014 domestic air conditioning DC motor demand will exceed 80%.

      In the supply of DC motor, Japanese companies earlier master brushless DC motor technology, and the demand for brushless DC motor is the most of the Japanese air conditioning brand. Therefore, in a long time to form the date of the formation of the Japanese funded enterprises in the supply of Japanese enterprises air conditioning business characteristics. Domestic enterprises brushless DC motor products in technology and product quality is still unable to compete on the same day. But in 2013 Shibaura, Panasonic's two main Japanese motor companies in China's market share shrink, reduced from 70% to 60%, and as the market share of domestic electrical enterprises on behalf of wheeling enhance the nearly 8 percentage points, reached 21%.

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